TLQ 1.1 | Knowing The Lead

Knowing The Lead

The Lead’s Lucille Bruno gives an insider’s look into The Lead Assembly. 

Lucille Bruno, The Lead

On October 24th we held The Lead Assembly at The Four Seasons in Downtown NYC. The attendees were CEOs and Founders of high growth DTC brands and the topics ranged from Balancing Growth & Profitability — to Diversifying Marketing Channels & Tactics — to Optimizing Physical Retail. 

It was an incredible sight to see 65 CEOs and Founders in a room together — from brands I know and love — including Act+Acre and M. Gemi to those I am getting to know — such as Snowe and The Sill.

Our team spent weeks curating a unique schedule for each of the attendees and when everyone took their seats for lunch, months of preparation took life. While The Lead team arduously curated each conversation and strategically placed people with similar challenges and learnings together — we had not anticipated what would come next.

Part therapy session, part peer-learning, part relationship-building — unexpected connections, the right people, and the right conversations are truly what emerged. Time and again as each session ended, it was nearly impossible to break up the discussions taking place around the room. 

We are truly grateful to facilitators, who helped steer the conversations and the note-takers at each table for documenting the myriad insights. We are looking forward to pulling back the curtain and sharing the output — with The Lead Assembly Insights Report. 

Whether it was Nate Checketts of Rhone connecting with Romney Williams of Enso or Sophie Kahn of AUrate with Nichole Powell of Kinfield — we were thrilled to see the room come to life. And while CEOs and Founders rarely have time to spend, it was an honor to host nearly every attendee from the begging to the end of the event. 

And for those that left before the cocktails began to flow, those who were stayed did double work — we couldn’t let a good party go to waste!