Interview Series Thurston & Taubman

Authentic & Candid Conversations on the Future of the Fashion, Retail, & Consumer Industries.

In this video, we speak to two retail industry experts — Ron Thurston, Vice President of Stores for Intermix, and Billy Taubman, Chief Operating Officer of The Taubman Company — about the state of brick and mortar retail, what makes it great, & how to adapt it for today.

@ 01:48 — Chapter 1 | Why Retail is Special
@ 04:40 — Chapter 2 | The Skills Needed to Run Retail Today
@ 06:44 — Chapter 3 | What Makes Ron & Billy Bullish on Physical Retail
@ 10:03 — Chapter 4 | How Technology is Changing Stores & Shopping Malls
@ 16:29 — Chapter 5 | Ron’s Advice to Store Leadership
@ 22:22 — Chapter 6 | Billy’s Advice to Young Brands Opening Stores
@ 24:58 — Chapter 7 | Ron on Why he Wrote Write “Retail Pride”


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February 4TH at 1 PM EST (Virtual)

Ron Thurston loves retail. And he’s proud of it. Ron has led the retail teams for some of America’s most prominent brands, inspired thousands of store employees, and traveled relentlessly across the country to sit and listen to what they have to say.

Thurston wrote Retail Pride as an indispensable guide for every retail employee, manager, and multi-store leader looking to accelerate their potential and grow their career. It’s filled with straightforward, practical tips for developing your talents, connecting with customers, and building your leadership skills.

Based on more than twenty-five years of Ron’s retail leadership experience, you’ll discover a sense of belonging in the words of someone who has been a champion for the industry and shares your journey.

AS Chief Operating Officer of The Taubman Company, Bill Taubman leads development, operations, leasing, and strategic communications. Bill is a Board Member of the Urban Land Institute and a member of the National Association of Real Estate Investment Trusts.

Emerge with Taubman helps digitally native, emerging and established brands by providing a turnkey leasing experience that is essential to ongoing success in our shopping centers. The company’s retail experts will help with everything from store planning, construction and design, to marketing, PR, operations and everything in-between. Emerge with Taubman will help your brand become an integral part of the next decade of truly remarkable, immersive and experiential retail.

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