In Chaos Lies Opportunity

In Chaos Lies Opportunity

A Letter From the Editor on the Many Forms of Innovation in the Time of Coronavirus

Noah Gellman

Yes, the world is scary and yes there are many unknowns — but in the face of challenge we have always responded, we have always overcome and we have always triumphed.

The Lead is a community of risk-takers, innovators and problem solvers. Now is the time to exercise that muscle. Innovation can come in many forms and flavors – new products, promotional strategies, business models, operational processes or technologies. Our business’s ability to maintain through this crisis will depend on our adaptability and ingenuity.

This is the time to reconsider everything– connect, collaborate, innovate & move the industry forward. Here are some of the tactics being used by the fashion brands and retailers in The Lead community:

  1. Pivoting products or solutions to meet changing consumer needs
  2. Applying creativity to repurpose and shift resources
  3. Dusting-off shelved plans or PoCs
  4. Using the crises to cut organizational red-tape and break unproductive habits
  5. Connecting with old and new partners for ideas and collaborations
  6. Fast-tracking technology deployments to do more with less

Let’s discuss: The Lead Team has secured thought leaders, specialists and executives to facilitate exclusive conversations. Join your peers, ask key questions and share your experience during the next LeadTalks virtual roundtable sessions.

We are in your corner. Be safe, be healthy, be open and be ready.


Noah Gellman

Editor-in-Chief | Co-Founder & CEO

The Lead